I have heard cries of “NO, what are you thinking about!” to “ Are you crazy? Harlem Carter is known for the crystal clutches”, but I can confirm that I am not crazy and actually Harlem Carter is known for “a” crystal clutch that is the symbolic red crystal heart clutch which is the beating heart of the company and still is, because this clutch is not going to close out along with the others.

Its not been a hard decision at all to remove the crystal clutches to close out, in fact it has felt perfectly natural and the absolute right thing to do, over the last few years we have added to collections and given a lot of choice to our customers, when in fact, they have only really ever wanted two things! So we have listened and our plan for 2018 is to go back to basics, head back to the drawing board and start from where it all began, with love, about love and to inspire love.

So we are closing out many of the crystal clutches online and we have also given a great price on the jewellery we have wanted to close out for some time now, a great time ladies to get your hands of a piece of Harlem Carter!

And the future for Harlem Carter, simply less is more…