Yes ladies its that time of year when the subtle changes around us say its time to get ready for those cozy evenings with friends, a chance to catch up on the holidays and of course the latest fashion scene.

I don’t know about you but I love the smell in the air of the autumnal weather, the sight of those lush green leaves changing like a chameleon to the reds, oranges and eventually brown, and those lovely nights with friends where the fire is roaring up the chimney and a scene has been set in the drawing room with ornate chandelier candle stick holders that would make Marie Antoinette proud and a table setting with fresh flowers.We of course all dress up for our cozy evenings together, my girlfriends and I, as we speak about everything from Fashion week to the latest gossip!

So for our first seasonal blog to kick start that beautiful Harvest Moon in all its splendor, I wanted to team some amazing colour palettes that we can just about get away with for this month of September and placed some of Harlem Carter’s key looks with the uber talented James Clarke of London, who is the master at his craft in floristry and you will understand why when you see our mood boards. So this season you will see twinkly footwear finds that look like they have been pulled out of a royal archive: Think of rococo-style heels that have been pumped up on Prozac to the brocade and jacquard fabrics that look like they have been ripped from a stately home and put onto these statement shoes.For our next get together we plan on teaming footwear, flowers and Harlem Carter all together in one glorious night of true Rococo style.

Moving from the footwear, flowers and colour palettes we come to announcing that we shall be working again with our “oh” so beautiful Chloe Jasmine who has collaborated with us on our Wallis Theme for the 1926 collection, if that’s not more, do you remember me telling you lovely people about James Clarke and his mastery in his skill of floristry? This gentleman also designs and is currently putting together a collection specifically for Chloe to capture the essence of Wallis in all of her splendor; we cannot even begin to tell you all how very excited we are on this collaboration.

We are looking forward to working with Chloe again as she fits the brand perfectly well and oozes that all time elegance and silver screen glamour in one, besides being our darling girl, she really is a beautiful soul inside and out and one which I am proud to call a very close friend who inspires me with her own journey and her stories and with that my darlings I shall leave you thoughts of sparkles, scents and Harlem Carter Love! 

Have a wonderful weekend and to shop any of the mood boards, pop across to the collections and see for yourself and don’t forget to give James and Chloe a follow of their social media too!